Drs. Gault, Fishbein & Associates

Services Offered

Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents:

  1. Managing ADHD, executive functioning, and other learning disorders
  2. Improving academic success and performance/motivation at school
  3. Coping with mood and anxiety disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, and impulse control disorders
  4. Dealing with behavior problems and anger management
  5. Working on social skills and relationships with parents, siblings and peers
  6. Enhancing problem solving skills and providing assertiveness training
  7. Building self-confidence and focusing on strengths/potential
  8. Providing support with bullying, teasing, and relational aggression
  9. Assisting with life-transitions and changes including divorce and loss

Assessment and Psycho-educational Testing Services for Children and Adolescents:

  1. Identifying academic areas of strength, best learning styles, and areas in need of academic reinforcement
  2. Assessment of learning problems, learning disabilities and other disorders including: ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, Non-Verbal learning disabilities, processing disorders, and sensory disintegration
  3. Confirming or diagnosing mood or anxiety disorders, personality issues, and behavioral problems
  4. Providing comprehensive reports and recommendations for parents, students, and school personnel
  5. Assist with accommodations for academic success and/or standardized testing (IEP/504 plans)
  6. Providing updated assessments of previously diagnosed disabilities

Psychotherapy for Adults and Couples:

  1. Dealing with mood and anxiety disorders, anger management difficulties, and personality struggles
  2. Improving relationships and marriages
  3. Improving interpersonal communication and reducing conflict
  4. Managing, planning, and communicating through change
  5. Coping with family crises, grief, loss, and divorce/blended family concerns
  6. Experiencing success and happiness at work
  7. Enhancing supervisory and management skills
  8. Balancing home and work  
  9. Working on issues related to self-confidence, personal growth, and self-awareness
  10. Understanding the impact of childhood issues on adult life struggles

Assessment and Psychological Testing Services for Adults:

  1.  Assessment and diagnosis of cognitive, occupational, emotional, social, and behavioral issues
  2. Providing career assessments that identify strengths, talents, and best learning/work styles
  3. Identifying interpersonal/relationship style
  4. Assessing patterns in cognition and behavior that could be improved with therapeutic services
  5. Assisting with career decision, directions, and changes
  6. Providing pre-marital assessments that help couples understand their style of relating to one another

Parent Education and Training:

  1. Understanding what to expect of children and teenagers at each age and stage of development
  2. Using positive, non-punitive methods to develop good behavior
  3. Decreasing conflict and power struggles
  4. Improving self-control in children and parents
  5. Identifying, setting, and reinforcing reasonable limits
  6. Improving problem solving and conflict resolution in the family
  7. Improving communication within the family

Medication Evaluation:

  1. Determine the appropriateness of pharmacological interventions
  2. Assess which medications are best for the patient’s signs, symptoms, and diagnoses
  3. Explore the risks, benefits, and side effects for medication
  4. Determine if your current medication regimen remains your best option
  5. Evaluations and interventions appropriate for athletes

School Consultation:

  1. Working with schools to support students given their learning styles and strengths
  2. Reduce bullying in schools
  3. Prepare students for upcoming changes and transitions
  4. Working with school social workers and teachers to support student achievement and well-being
  5. Helping students cope with local, national, or international events
  6. Helping students cope with school crises
  7. Supporting students in developing and demonstrating leadership, compassion, and cooperation

Sports and Performance Enhancement, Consultation and Coaching:

  1. Performance Enhancement
  2. The Mental Game of Sports
  3. Improving Focus
  4. Setting Goals
  5. Avoiding Common Performance Pitfalls
  6. Recovering from “Slumps”
  7. Improving Team and Coaching Relationships
  8. Recovering from Injury
  9. Planning Your Career
  10. Planning for Life after Sports
  11. Maintaining Integrity and Improving Relationships