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Dr. Wolff is a licensed Educational and School Psychologist who received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Loyola University-Chicago, and a second Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology, as well as a Doctorate degree in Educational and School Psychology, from National-Louis University. She is a member in good standing of the National Association of School Psychologists and the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Wolff's main areas of interest are school related spanning from gifted to learning disabilities. She has worked as a consultant to the Lincolnwood School District and works with many of the north shore school districts on behalf of her patients as a child advocate/consultant/school psychologist. She has taught graduate psychology classes at National-Louis University in Human Learning and Development, Cognitive Assessment, and Cognition and Instruction. As a mother of two middle-school aged children, Dr. Wolff uses personal experiences, as well as theory, research, and practice, to help her proactively seek out positive solutions to everyday developmental, cognitive, and academic challenges. Simultaneous working and motherhood have also provided her an opportunity to learn the unique art of balancing parenting with research and career aspirations, and have paved the way for an ever-evolving mindset for being forward-thinking in both personal and professional research and development.

Dr. Wolff specializes in psychoeducational assessments for people ranging in age from pre-kindergarten to twenty-one. She uses a comprehensive approach to investigation and problem solving because it is widely known that performance at school can play a substantial role in happiness, satisfaction, and academic success. School performance can be enriched through compassionate support, progressive growth and healthy change, as well as through remediation of deficits and weaknesses that interfere with the ability to perform at expected levels. Increased academic performance can be obtained by developing an appropriate and ideal academic plan that suites the individuals’ needs where knowledge is delivered and learned in an optimal academic environment.

Dr. Wolff also provides career assessments for the unsure college-bound student as many high school students are uncertain of what they want to do with their careers as they embark upon their costly collegiate education. Not only are they unsure of their path to job success, but they are equally unaware of what their personality and career strengths are, and which careers they would be best suited for. Because of this, Dr. Wolff offers a comprehensive College Career Assessment profile that allows an individual to obtain information about intelligence, personality and career traits and strengths, with the goal of maximizing career longevity and productivity.

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